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currently. lololol mum took away my boooard.

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United States
your name is l♡ttie pyr♡pe

but you are known by lala to a lot of different people. you think it's cute and you let them go ahead and do it. lala was what your father use to call you before he walked out on you and your mother. she doesn't know you still call him once a week and just talk...but mothers don't need to know everything, right?
you were born without the ability to smell, and your parents both blame each other for your disablitiy. still, nothing you do requires the sense of it's not really a loss on your part. you skateboard for a living and meet some pretty questionable people, which means your life is much more exciting than it use to be. you're weird and perky, but you have this nasty habit of keeping things from people, which puts you in sticky situations. you're generally labeled as an outcast and usually hang around the other skaters, causing trouble and vandelizing things without getting caught. you tend to talk to yourself because you're actually a pretty lonely person. you keep all of your secrets saved on your phone and talk out all of your problems to yourself. when you were little, you imagined friends who were able to smell for you. those were the best friends you've ever had.

aside from your strange personality, you're pretty easy to get to know. there's not much you share with other people, and you aren't really a deep person. happiness is your most notable trait towards other people, even if you can get a little snappy at times.


there's not much going on with you appearance wise, so you're kind of bland to some people. your hair is dark brown, but lighter at the tips. you like to keep your hair short due to a swing-set accident you had when you were little. you wear red-tinted shades because you hate the colour of your eyes, which is pale, icy blue. your skin is an average tone, but tends to be more china coloured than anything else. despite your time in the sun, you wears a lot of clothes that cover your skin to the fullest. youre not very tall either, but five feet and three inches is pretty good, right? youre lean and toned, but not very strong. however, youre quick on your feet and know what to do in a fast-paced situation, which helps you avoid majour wipeouts on the half-pike!

*will rewrite. but not now.

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